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It’s simple! The first time you visit our office for your orthodontic consultation, we’ll get you signed up and provide you with your official Surf Rewards Club card. Then it’s up to you to start stacking up those points! Watch your points add up for being on time to your appointments, having great oral hygiene, no loose or broken brackets, regular dental visits, providing us with an online review, emailing us fun photos of YOU, following us on Instagram, plus much more!

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How it Works

  • EARN POINTS: You earn points simply by joining our surf rewards club. All patients are welcome to join… even if you aren’t quite ready for braces and are waiting to lose a few more baby teeth! (In fact, you earn points for losing those baby teeth!)
  • SHOP REWARDS: You can redeem your points to purchase amazing prizes!
  • WIN CONTESTS: Join our contests for a chance to win even more points and awesome prizes!
  • FOR PARENTS: Parents love us, too!

Braces University 101 Challenge

We love to have fun and we love a good challenge, don’t you? Earn 25 BONUS Surf Reward Points by answering our braces trivia question. Here’s how …

  1. Watch the video on the Braces University 101 page.
  2. Answer this trivia question — “What’s the best thing to do if you have a wire that is poking you?”
  3. Send us the correct answer via text (208-772-7272) or email it to us at and we will add 25 BONUS points to your surf rewards account. That’s enough points for a Paul Bunyan Shake, or you can save them up for bigger prizes and gift cards. Don’t forget to email/text us your name with your answer!

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Rated: (986 Reviews)
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