Same-Day Braces

There lots of songs and cute sayings about smiles. We won’t repeat them all here because who has that kind of time? And speaking of time, why wait for your new smile when we can get you started on the way to your new look in one day?

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We're Ready When You Are

If you would like to learn more about how you can get started on same-day braces in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, let us know. Our orthodontist and team look forward to meeting with you!

Start Your Treatment the Same Day!

We know how valuable your time is. You have school, or you have a job. Maybe you have both. Or, you have sports, kids, a love life – let’s face it, there is more to life than teeth, and life goes on whether you are there or not. With our same-day braces, we can have you in the chair, your smile scanned, your braces on and you out the door in a breeze. We’re ready when you are.

As much as we love to see you, you have plenty to do without spending half the day in the chair. With our same-day braces, we will give you a whole new outlook on life, and the time to go out there and live it.

Preparing for Same-Day Braces

There are a few requirements to be a candidate for same-day braces. Here’s what you can do to prepare:

  • Receive a dental cleaning within 6 months of your orthodontic appointment
  • Not need any fillings/restorations prior to starting orthodontic treatment

How It Works

1. Getting to Know You

We understand that choosing to receive orthodontic care is a big decision and your first visit to our office is the first step. 

Since no two patients are the same, your first visit is aimed at getting an understanding of your oral health and teeth positioning. We will review your medical history and conduct a thorough exam, with X-Rays, to get a comprehensive look at your mouth. 

2. Custom Treatment Plan

We create completely customized treatment for each patient to ensure you reach your full smile potential! If you are a good candidate for braces, our team can help you get started with our Same-Day braces program! Not only do we save our patients money, we save you time!

At Curtis Orthodontics, we want to help you get the smile you love with treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible.

3. Your New Smile

At Curtis Orthodontics, we make you our top priority! We create beautiful, confident smiles for all ages by offering advanced orthodontic care that’s designed to deliver the ideal treatment experience and results to ensure you achieve your best smile!

Answers To Your FAQs From Dr. Curtis

At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening?
American Association of Orthodontists recommend you should schedule your child’s first appointment by age 7.  Orthodontic treatment and a child’s growth can complement each other.  By timing orthodontic treatment to predictable stages of dental development, the orthodontist may be able to take advantage of your child’s growth and development.  Some problems that can be treated quite well in a growing child may require corrective surgery or permanent teeth to be extracted if treated after growth has occurred. Learn more about early treatments for kids.
What will I learn from the initial examination?
Your Orthodontist will thoroughly explain your options to you after he completes the exam, and will recommend the best course of treatment. You’ll learn the answers to five important questions during your consultation appointment, including:
  • Is there an orthodontic issue, and if so, what is it?
  • What treatment is needed to correct the problem? Can braces and/or Invisalign correct the problem?
  • Will any teeth need to be removed?
  • How long will treatment take?
  • How much will treatment cost?
Learn more about what you can expect at your first visit.
How much will orthodontic treatment cost?
We can only determine treatment costs after your initial consultation is completed, as each patient’s case is unique. You can learn more about our Financing & Insurance policies page, or speak to one of our staff members at the office. We’ll review your financing options with you, and will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits. Learn More
Is it too late to have orthodontic treatment if I am already an adult?
Adult orthodontics is becoming more common, as orthodontic treatment helps increase overall happiness level, health, and self-esteem. It’s never too late for a beautiful smile! Learn more about treatments for adults.
Do I need a referral from my dentist to see an orthodontist?
Nope! If you think you or your child needs braces, you may be surprised to learn you do not need a referral from your dentist. You can make an appointment with Curtis Orthodontics any time to discuss your orthodontic needs and set up a treatment plan. It is also important to note that if your dentist does make a referral, you do not need to choose that orthodontist. You’re free to see anyone you feel can do the best job for you. This doesn’t mean your dentist is not an important part of your care. He or she definitely is. It is important to continue to see your dentist throughout your orthodontic care. With or without a referral, you should bring your child for an complimentary orthodontic consultation by age 7, as the American Association of Orthodontists recommends. Examining children before all the permanent teeth have erupted help an orthodontist to correct problems that would be more difficult and costly to address later. Book Free Consult

What are you waiting for?

Feel Confident in Your New Smile

If you are ready to take control of your smile, then you are ready to see our orthodontists in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. If you want to eat, speak, feel and look better, then it’s time to start thinking differently about your teeth. Your “Curtis Smile” is waiting for you at Curtis Orthodontics!
Rated: (986 Reviews)
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