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Consider Invisalign® to get the beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted — without braces. Talk to our orthodontists about Invisalign in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


What You Need to Know About Invisalign

Invisalign uses a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing. So, you can smile more during treatment as well as after. Invisalign is made with 3-D computer imaging technology and has been proven effective. More than 70% of orthodontists in the US and Canada are certified to treat with Invisalign.

Why would I want it?

Braces are great for giving you a healthy smile but they don’t always give you the look you want. After all, you may not want people staring at your mouth while they are talking to you. And if you’re like everybody else, you’ve got a lot going on and may not have the time to take care of braces. So how do you get the smile you want without braces? You’re in luck!

Invisalign is great for people who want a straighter smile but who don’t want their braces to enter the room before they do. Braces can make you look younger, but younger is not always better at the office, on the jobsite, or when you are out with friends. And you may not have the time in your schedule to come in to Curtis Orthodontics to have your braces adjusted. And if you work, or even if you are a stay-at-home parent, your schedule is already pretty full, and braces do need a lot of extra brushing and flossing. Finally, with braces a lot of food is off-limits.

Invisalign can be an easy fix for your smile problem. We take digital impressions of your teeth and use those to create a series of clear aligners. They are comfortable and you wear each set for about two weeks, give or take. They move your teeth vertically and horizontally, and can even rotate them to give you the smile you have been wanting all these years.

But wait, we’re not done yet! Why are they called Invisalign? We’re glad you asked. They are practically invisible. They are clear and fit snugly against your teeth, so no one but you, Dr. Curtis, Dr. Wilson and whoever you tell will know you are wearing them. You take them out to eat, so go ahead with the corn on the cob and ribs, or whatever your favorite food is. Plus, the aligners are easy to clean. Invisalign is the perfect solution for adults who want to improve their smiles, so call us today to get started.

Invisalign Teen®

If you think Invisalign is just for adults, think again! Your teen can get the look they have always wanted with Invisalign Teen in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. If your son or daughter is considering alternatives to braces, see us for a free consultation.

Teens are busy. They have school, sports, hobbies, friends, maybe even a job. And of course, there are video games, smartphones and social media. The point is that teens these days are just as busy as adults. They may not have the time to spend in the chair to have their braces adjusted and if they are in and out and off to one thing or another, they may not be able to do the extra brushing and flossing required with braces. And you don’t want to nag, do you? Teens eat just about anything and not everything on their menus is braces-friendly. And of course, no matter how confident your teen may seem when you are younger, looks are everything.

If this is the case for your teen, talk to us about Invisalign Teen clear aligner system. It works the same way as Invisalign. Your teen will receive a series of clear trays made to fit their smile, each of which they will wear for about two weeks. As the treatment goes on, their teeth will be moved into proper alignment. They will still need to see us so we can check their progress, but not nearly as much as they would with regular braces. Since your teen will take out the aligners before meals, they can still eat whatever they want. Well, what they eat is your department. Invisalign Teen just makes it easier. Since the aligners are clear, your teen won’t feel self-conscious about wearing them. To see if your child and Invisalign Teen are a good match, call us today!

How It Works

1. Getting to Know You

We understand that choosing to receive orthodontic care is a big decision and your first visit to our office is the first step. 

Since no two patients are the same, your first visit is aimed at getting an understanding of your oral health and teeth positioning. We will review your medical history and conduct a thorough exam, with X-Rays, to get a comprehensive look at your mouth. 

2. Custom Treatment Plan

We create completely customized treatment for each patient to ensure you reach your full smile potential! If you are a good candidate for braces, our team can help you get started with our Same-Day braces program! Not only do we save our patients money, we save you time!

At Curtis Orthodontics, we want to help you get the smile you love with treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible.

3. Your New Smile

At Curtis Orthodontics, we make you our top priority! We create beautiful, confident smiles for all ages by offering advanced orthodontic care that’s designed to deliver the ideal treatment experience and results to ensure you achieve your best smile!

FAQs About Invisalign

Because each patient is different, treatment time with Invisalign varies. You could be in treatment for as little as 6 months or as long as 24 months – it all depends on the specific type of orthodontic problem you have and how compliant you are wearing your aligners and keeping your scheduled appointments.

Yes. In order for Invisalign to work as it’s designed, you must wear your aligners for up to 22 hours each day. You can remove them when eating and when brushing & flossing. You can also take them out temporarily for those special occasions such as interviews or school photos as long as you put them right back in afterward.

When you first start wearing Invisalign, you may notice that your speech is not as clear as it normally is. This is nothing to panic about, as you simply must get used to wearing the aligners. Just spend a bit of time speaking or singing out loud while wearing your aligners and before you know it, your speech will return to normal.

It is very easy to clean your aligners. Just brush them gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and then rinse them off to keep them fresh & clean. To keep them extra fresh, we offer Invisalign Cleaning Crystals or Retainer Brite to freshen up the trays 1-2 times per week!

At the beginning of treatment, we may see you every 3-4 weeks. As treatment progresses, we can usually monitor your progress every 8-12 weeks. Each tray could be worn from 18 days in the beginning to 7 days towards the end of treatment, depending on cooperation and progress. Every patient’s needs are different, so that can vary from smile to smile.

Yes. The day you are finished wearing your aligners is when you begin the retention phase of your treatment. This is when you will wear a retainer as directed by us so your teeth do not shift back into their original positions.

No, chewing gum is not a good idea because it will stick to your aligners and make a big mess.

Because cigarette smoke can discolor and stain your aligners, smoking is not a good idea while wearing Invisalign.

What are you waiting for?

Feel Confident in Your New Smile

If you are ready to take control of your smile, then you are ready to see our orthodontists in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. If you want to eat, speak, feel and look better, then it’s time to start thinking differently about your teeth. Your “Curtis Smile” is waiting for you at Curtis Orthodontics!
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