Rubber Band Tutorial

Provided below are instructions and an informational video explaining how to correctly hook up your rubber bands.

Vertical Rubber Band

Simply connect the band from the first molar on the bottom to the first molar on the top.

Triangle Rubber Band

Connect the band to your cuspid on top, to your cuspid on bottom, and to the pre-molar behind the cuspid.

Finishing Rubber Band

With a finishing rubber band, you’re going to connect it to the first molar on the bottom, to your first molar on top, to your cuspid on top, and to your cuspid on bottom. And that’s the first step, you’ll get a box-shape as seen in the video below. After that, grab the top part of the rubber band and wrap it underneath the two pre-molars on the bottom, in between the first molar and the cuspid. You should now see two triangles instead of the box shape.

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