Biteplane Instructions

A biteplane is an appliance that’s worn full time to fix your deep overbite. Read on below to learn more about how to properly wear and take care of your biteplane.

For Deep Bite

The biteplane is worn to eliminate breakage of the lower braces when your upper teeth bite too far down over your lower teeth (deep overbite). It opens your bite.

Wear It All The Time, 24/7

Including eating unless instructed otherwise. Remove the Biteplane when brushing teeth (use a toothbrush and toothpaste after every meal).

Practice Speaking

Expect initially to speak and eat differently. Practice reading aloud, eat smaller bites, and you will get used to it in a few days. Your teeth will not come together in the back, but with proper wear and with your braces working, the biteplane is usually finished in 6-12 weeks!

What About When Playing Soccer or Karate?

Remove the biteplane during all sports (replace with mouth guard if you can). Store it in a retainer case when playing sports.

Don’t Lose It

The main reasons for loss or breakage are:

  1. Loss most likely occurs when wrapping it in a napkin and then throwing it away
  2. Breakage can occur by placing it in your pocket, in a purse or in a backpack without a retainer case.
  3. Often breakage occurs when an animal may try to eat it or small children may break it or misplace it.

If you do lose it or break it, the biteplane will need to be replaced at an additional expense.

Why It’s Important to Wear It

  1. If not worn, lower braces can be bitten off.
  2. If not worn, it will take longer for your teeth to be corrected. This delay in treatment can be worse than treating it.

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